Company’s history

The history of the match factory by dates:

  • 07.1919- agreement of 35 entrepreneurs for the construction of a match production plant

  • 09.1919 – authorisation issued by the Board of the People’s Council of the Duchy of Cieszyn for the establishment of the Stock Society for the Manufacture of “Silesia” Matches (Official Journal of the People’s Council of the Duchy of Cieszyn No. 18, of 20.11.1919, item 238)

  • 11.1919 – purchase of land for the production of the match company

  • 1920 – 1921 – construction of the Czechowice factory

  • 09.1921 – production of the first crates of matches

  • 1925 – Act (of 15.07.1925) on the creation of a Match Monopoly in Poland

  • 1927 – sale of the Society for the Manufacture of “Silesia” Matches to the Joint Stock Company for the Exploitation of the National Match Monopoly

  • 1939-1945 – factory’s operation under the compulsory administration of occupational authorities

  • 1951 – Order of the Minister of Light Industry of 01.01.1951 concerning the creation of a national company under the name Czechowice Match Manufacturing Plant

  • 1970-1980 – modernisation of the machinery park

  • 1993 – initiation of large-scale export

  • 1997 – implementation of the European standard EN 1783:1997:SAF

  • 2007 – commercialisation of the Czechowice Match Manufacturing Plant and transformation into the “Czechowice” S.A. Match Factory

  • 2010 – implementation of the ISO 9001 standard

  • 2011 – acquisition of the FSC certificate

  • 2011 – signing of an agreement for the sale of shares between the Treasury of the Republic of Poland and PCC Consumer Products Sp. z o.o. as well as PCC SE located in Duisburg

  • 2014 – implementation of the ISO 14001 standard

  • 2014 – change of the factory name to PCC Consumer Products Czechowice S.A.

Archive gallery

Enchanted with black and white, the frames from centuries back in the past not only show what the production of matches looked like in the past, but they also send us on a sentimental journey to times, in which female workers attended the factory in long dresses, while wearing protective scarfs on their heads.

We invite you to view our archive gallery from the post-war period

Source: Filmoteka Narodowa (National Film Library)

This is what the 19th of October 1950 looked like at our factory.