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A manufacturer with one hundred years of experience

PCC Consumer Products Czechowice S.A. is the largest Polish and one of the largest European manufacturers of matches. The company was founded in 1919, and the first production lines began operation in 1921. Our matches are valued not only in Poland, but also in the European Union, Africa as well as South America.

However, our product range does not only include standard matches known by everyone. We are constantly working on improving our products and expanding our portfolio. The Family of Matches from Czechowice (Zapałki Czechowickie) has been expanded by a wide range of advertising, candle, grill and fireplace matches, and we have recently created a new product category – Kindling from Czechowice (Podpałki Czechowickie) – used to effectively light stoves, grills and fireplaces.

A part of a powerful, global group

The PCC SE company, located in Duisburg, is a holding company of the PCC Group, of which portfolio companies operate in the chemical, energy and logistics industries. Currently, it is made up of over 80 companies, operating in 17 countries around the world – mainly in the fields of chemistry, energy and logistics. PCC Consumer Products Czechowice S.A. is a part of PCC Consumer Products SA, which is part of the chemical division of the PCC SE Group and associates companies producing FMCG goods for the final client as well as specialist products for professionals. The industry investor of the company is PCC SE located in Duisburg. The headquarters of PCC Consumer Products Czechowice is located in Silesia, in Czechowice-Dziedzice.

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