Safe usage

See how to safely use our matches and fire starters

Instructions for the safe usage of matches

Stage no. 1

Open the box and take out a match. Next, close the matchbox so that the remaining matches do not fall out when lighting the match. Turn the box over so that the striking surface faces upwards.

Stage no. 2

Light the match by rubbing it energetically against the striking surface, always away from yourself, so that you avoid burns by potential bits of the head section.

Stage no. 3

After using the match, extinguish it and place it in an ashtray or a dish made of inflammable materials (glass or metal). If you want to throw the extinguished match into the bin, immerse it in water first.

Instructions for the safe usage of fire starters

Ignite the fire starter by rubbing it against the striking surface away from yourself.


Store matches in places inaccessible by children and keep them away from fire sources – gas stoves, fireplaces, etc.

Avoid threats

Do not use matches in order to light up dark rooms because such rooms can contain flammable materials.
Do not place used matches in the box because, if they are still glowing, they can result in the ignition of the remaining matches inside the box.